Sunday, 29 April 2012

Here's two layouts i completed today at my scrapbook workshop with the girls. Had a lovely day, Bills lovely cooked lunch and Pats home baked cakes what a treat. The layouts are from photos taken in USA last year seems so long ago now. Well i have had great weekend brought a new car yesterday so spoilt myself but cant have it for two months so ill keep you guessing as to what it is you'll have to wait for the photos.

Also on friday collected the van after having graphics fitted, well pleased with it. Now need to get it on the road selling selling pay for my new car lol
Well the weather is just perfect....if your a duck! So i am off for a day Scrapping with the girls so maybe ill have some layouts to post later. It was an early start today as had to drop eldest son to Air Cadets for a sports event, so done some house work as well better go get ready now, back later maybe. Happy Sundays.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Had a nice day today with my Daughter Sam, went to Craft Show at Ali Pali in London. Brought some papers, some bits to make my sister a 40th anniversary card which i will post when complete and some stamps from Little Claire. Then we went for afternoon tea at the local farm shop yummy. Managed to just fit in a bit of crafting to make this card for my friends daughter whose 5 this week. Well boys back to school tomorrow so peace and quiet again :)

Friday, 6 April 2012


Good Friday, well we have been on a family walk today and coffee at local coffee shop. Cleaned oven this morning, so time for a bit of afternoon crafting just made this card for Karen who works for me in office, her birthday tomorrow hope she likes it. Planning some shopping tomorrow with Sam my daughter although haven't decided where we are going thinking about trying the new Westfield centre at Stratford. Boys going motor racing Sunday so might try and do some more crafting then. Back soon x