Monday, 28 July 2014

Quick Post, and a Failure

Sorry for the delay on the diet progress its not been going to well, during the week I am fine but the weekends are a nightmare as I do like to have a social life which involves coffee stops and bbq's with friends. On Saturday I visited Hitchin Lavender Fields with my friend Louise it was nice and of course they have a lovely coffee stop! On the way home we stopped at a lovely butchers in Baldock and purchased our bbq supplies and had a lovely evening together too.

The card above I made on Saturday between my busy schedule, its for my sister in law i used water colour pencils and then stamped the flowers and cut them and the leaves out with dies. I added some liquid pearls and used my wink of stella pen. The sentiment I used a font on my computer and then die cut it, added some stickler around the edge.
Well probably won't be any posts for a while as I am off on my first Holibob to the Isle of Mull in Scotland for our mountain climbing with friends lets hope we conquer Ben Moore, I am sure I will have hundreds of photos to post on my return. Hope the good weather continues. Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Late Diet Post and some crafting

Crafting first today, just made this one as its my wedding anniversary on Tuesday, I found the inspiration on Pinterest and it was from another blogger Stamps and smiles. I also used my new pierced Fishtail Flags banner die from Craft Mojo which I am loving and using lots. The hearts are a mixture of a stamping up die and the lovely punches I purchased from a local shop Hearts and Crafts in Walkern please support Bev as she is working hard, she has lots of children's classes during the holidays, check them out on her face book page or sign up to her mailing list to receive all class dates.
Now to the diet well I am still going have to confess no green juice has passed my lips in the last week but I am going to get back to it this week. Also a glitch yesterday as I had a scone with cream first one in two weeks, but I had such a lovely family day out shopping with three of my siblings and hubby in Cambridge. We had a real good shop got walking boots ready for our trek up Ben Moore on the Isle of Mull, so looking forward to going and seeing our lovely friends who live on the Island. Well thats me done off out now with daughter, might go watch the boys Go-Karting. Bye x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Diet Day 10

I have to say these oat and banana pancakes were very yummy and filling very quick and easy to make.  Not all diet food is bad. I do find it easier to drink lots of water on hot days so that hasn't been a problem. Sadly I never made it to my Zumba class tonight as had to take son to cadets. But all going well back tomorrow x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Diet Day 9

Just a quick one to let you all know I have lost 3lb this week so I am on the right track. I am still managing to stick with it even had some sweet potato and butternut squash with my chicken tonight. My friend came for a walk with me for an hour so we had a good old natter and put the world to right. My daughter has asked me to go for afternoon tea saturday to celebrate her completing her NQT year, so I might have to have my first treat in two weeks, but I am not giving in I will continue on my mission.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Diet Days 5,6,7,8

Well I have been away the last few days hence no updates. Here is where we stayed a lovely B&B near Johnby Hall nr Greystoke, Penrith. The hosts Henry and Anna and there two children Lucy and Nicholas were extremely hospitable hopefully will go back one day when we will have time to enjoy.

This is one of the two resident pigs Pork and Leek. We purchased some sausages and burgers which came from some of the late residents which were really tasty I might add.

 Well the reason we were up there was because hubby was rallying again he was doing well until he had an off into a ditch, but he did manage to recover and keep going.

A few dents later he managed to finish 10th out of 50 entrants so not bad.

So to the diet obviously I haven't been perfect with juices etc. But i was careful with my choices while eating out and I took my own snacks and lunches so overall good I am going to weigh tomorrow morning so hopefully I will see a loss.
Back tomorrow with first weeks results.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Diet Day 4

Todays diet day hasn't been perfect although I haven't eaten anything that I shouldn't its more about what I missed out….you guessed it the green juice. I promise I will get back on track, but I am away now until Monday night as hubby is rallying in Carlisle so we are heading north tomorrow. I will be as good as I can I am not going to spoil all my hard work this week. I do find it harder to drink 8 glasses of water on cold days too its easy when its hot. The photo is of Bucklers Hard in Hampshire from my last weekend away. Hope you all have a good weekend will catch on Monday and let you know how I have coped x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Diet Day 3

Well this smoothie is much tastier then the Green Juice, but I have persevered with the green and it is slowly getting better to down it. Each day I have eaten foods that I would not normally have and today it was poached eggs and rice not together I might add, also as a savoury not a creamy pudding sadly. Feeling quite proud that I am at least trying different things heres hoping the scales show a result on Monday.

Had time to make a quick card too for my nephew who is always doing marathons so I thought this would be appropriate for him. Hopefully be back tomorrow night all x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Diet Day 2 and a Card

Today I tried again with the green Juice and I succeeded in downing it all so feeling quite proud. I also had blueberries, banana and honey smoothie for breakfast which actually tasted very nice. So thats fruit and veg in one day whoop whoop.

This card is another I made at the weekend using water colour I do quite like the look.

I will back tomorrow with Day 3 to keep you posted hope you are not too bored with me x

Monday, 7 July 2014

Diet Day 1 and a card

Here is a card made yesterday for my nephew, the image I got of the net I then stencilled the cogs added some washi tape and layered with my black and white pad of paper.

The diet has been Ok today I have been good and drunk lots of water and even had a smoothie instead of coffee in M&S Cafe at lunch time as I was in London. I took a wholemeal pitta with me so I wasn't tempted to buy anything. Well as you can see I attempted the green Juice when I got home from London which didn't go so well I only managed three mouthfuls. I am not going to give up just yet I will try again tomorrow afternoon and hopefully will manage a bit more. Back tomorrow with Diet Day 2.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

No Mention of Diet today it starts tomorrow

Sunday morning, was a bit damp here to start with but it looks like its brightening up. Time for a bit of crafting as well. I wanted to have a play with my watercolour pencils purchased a long time ago on holiday up in the Lake district at the Derwent pencil factory. I have used CBS stamps and my new wink of stella pen on the flower head. I must say I do like this one. Hoping to get hubby out for a walk later but not until the British GP has finished as my boys are all motor mad. I am going off to make another card now x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A bit of Crafting mixed with Diet

A bit of quick crafting here needed to post a card today for tomorrow, so a quick make was needed. I used some of my new dies, which I must say I do like the ribbon banner type one. I am sure this set will get plenty of use. Cant say I am over pleased with the card but hey ho!

Well as for the diet I have been shopping this is the most fruit and veg that has ever entered my house hold lol. Now i've got to try and eat it thats the problem...

Here goes some soup making. My friend Louise came shopping with me and there was a very nice chap in the farm shop trying to encourage me telling me what was good. Louise said she will come and video me having my green juice I said they all have to join me in drinking it !!

Just realised Monday I am in London so already have a problem with sticking to diet timings but I will try.

Oh and I have been naughty today did sneak in a cream tea :)
before the healthy start.
Back soon. x

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Just a boring writing post this evening, no photos or cards....I am, on Monday starting a new nutritional diet, this for me is a big step as those who know me, know i do not eat any fruit veg or salad and this new diet means I have to eat these awful things. This is going to be really tough because in the first week I actually have to have green juices and this has filled me with dread and sleepless nights. I am going to try my best to stick with it, but am looking for lots of support. I must admit I don't think I will last too long but I am going to try, so I am going to use blog land to bore you all with what i am eating and how i am progressing, so hopefully I will get some support, so I will be back Monday with my first days report that's if I not off being sick!!!!