Sunday, 4 March 2012

Birthday Week

Well it was my birthday this week and i can say it wasn't one of the best i have had due to a thoughtless husband who sent me flowers which i suspect were a last minute thought and i think flowers are a waste of money would have preferred a handbag, sorry if i sound ungrateful but i do like to be spoilt and you would of thought he'd know that by now!!, and no presents from my four children, except my daughter who gave me some x Thankfully i have some good friends who treated me to some lovely gifts. He has since apologised for upsetting me, MEN!! Today we went for lunch to Jamie Oliver's Italian in Cambridge with all the family.....another mistake as they just whined that they didn't like anything on the menu, next year just going out the two of us. Well fingers crossed we will go away just the two of us while the boys are away with school in France later this month.
Below are a couple of cards i made this evening for Auntie who's 70 later this month and a wedding card for the friendly man in the post office who is getting married in Indian next weekend.

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