Sunday, 7 September 2014

Trip to London

 Went to London today, yes you guessed it with the boys. It was a buss mans holiday day out for hubby as these cars are all at his work showrooms in London and my boys love to go and visit. I was hoping to see some Tall Ships but that didn't happen either. But had a lovely day and lunch out so that was a bonus.

 Now for a very busy week at work as I have an exhibition in Telford will be glad when next Saturday is here as having a day Scrapping hopefully. Have a good week x


  1. Hi Carole

    You certainly "gad about" a lot!!

    I wonder how many miles you cover in a year!

    I hope your exhibition goes well in Telford and you get to do your scrapping at the weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  2. OMG . . . just look at the luscious Bugatti Veyron . . . I WANT one! xxx