Sunday, 4 November 2012

Well what an awful day it hasn't stopped raining, after a lovely sunny day yesterday. Well i have been having a clear out in the loft took some bits to the Isabel Hospice charity shop and the rest to the tip. Finally found a bit of time to make this card for my close friend Helens daughter who had a baby girl on Thursday....hope she likes it. I better get knitting and finish my other gift for her. Roast dinner calling so better go dish it up. Back soon.


  1. Hi Carole

    How sweet is this?!?!

    Such a lovely keepsake for the arrival of a sparkly new person into the world.

    So a little longer to pack your stash away for your time away . .. . I bet you are really looking forward to it. Good job you realised and didn't turn up early!! LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi Carole

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    I have a "very small" craft room which used to be the small spare bedroom.

    When the kids left home I was told by everyone that I should take over the large spare bedroom .. .. but I wanted somewhere nice for guests to sleep over and so took the smallest. (Big mistake LOL!!).

    I do my wedding work in the dining room (with everything stored in the big spare bedroom. But my general makes I do in my little craft room.

    I keep anything inky or messy as far away from my wedding work as I can!!

    I love what I do and am very lucky to have a hubby who wants me to succeed in what I am doing. I gave up paid employment to do this though so have to work very hard.

    Hope you are OK.

    Love Jules xx