Friday, 12 April 2013

Weekend Post

Seems all my posts are done at the weekend, maybe because I work all week.
Two cards here today they are for opposite occasions, sadly a loss and happy for a new life.

My daughter and I paid a visit to see the new baby today she is adorable.

Might visit craft fare tomorrow if i can make my self get up early. Have an early start on Sunday too as going on another Hairy Goat photography course in London so looking forward to that. Hopefully the sun will shine on all of us this weekend about time.

Baby Eleanor


  1. Awwww Carole ... baby Eleanor is gorgeous .. .. and you have made a gorgeous personalised card marking her arrival. That will be kept for ever I am sure.

    I love newborn babies with their floppy little heads!!

    Sorry you have had to make a sympathy card though. Always such a sad time and I find these type of cards so difficult .. but you have managed yours perfectly.

    Hope you make it to your craft fayre. Personally I wouldn't even sleep as I would be too excited LOL!!!

    Have a good weekend whatever you do.

    Love Jules xx

    1. Was really lazy and didn't go to craft show, so going to Garden centre to see if i can find a Monkey Puzzle tree to remember my dad as its his birthday today and going to fit a coffee in with a couple of friends x