Sunday, 4 August 2013

Holiday catch up

 Just returned from an exhausting two weeks in Florida with all the family. The kids loved the pool especially diving in to land on the lilos, which i might add cost me for four new ones because they kept bursting them, well Dad did!

We hired segways and went on a segway tour to Celebration which was great fun too. The kids loved these too.

Me and my girl at St Augustine which is well worth a visit, we stayed the night here it is a lovely spanish themed old town. Nice to get away from all the parks and see something different.
The Atlantis Shuttle was amazing at Kennedy Space Centre we always have a full day here well worth taking one of the bus tours.

Well back to reality, been busy striping wall paper today in our spare room ready to re decorate. This i am hoping is going to lead to me have a new craft den in the garden which i will be able to organise better then my craft balcony as it has a bit more room so will keep you posted. I did also do some craft shopping in the USA so have some lovely goodies looking forward to using them soon. So back soon hopefully with some makes.
Bye for now Carole x

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  1. Oh Wow Carole .. .. what a fantastic holiday. It looks like you had lots of fun.

    I know the burst lilo sketch only too well!! LOL!!

    Fabulous photographs.

    Looking forward to seeing all your crafty goodies. You lucky thing getting to visit those American craft stores!

    Happy decorating!

    Love Jules xx