Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sisters Birthday

Last week I visited Devon for work purposes but was able to tie it in with seeing my Sister, her Husband and Mum so we had dinner together , I also was able to hand deliver her card as I wasn't sure how I was going to post it as it was kind of 3D.

Yesterday I had some sad news my auntie had lost her battle with cancer, so another sympathy card needs to be made :(

I had a nice walk today with my as usual reluctant daughter but a bit of persuasion managed to get her out oh and there might have been some bribery as well! Hope to be back soon, I have made some more cards and next weekend have to start on some wedding invitations.
Have a great week, oh and I have lost 5lb so far….. xx


  1. Hi Carole,
    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Devon and hope my fellow Devonian's made you feel welcome!

    Beautiful card and well done you for loosing 5lb's.

  2. Oh dear Carole. You seem to be having a sad time at the moment .. .. such a shame when sympathy cards need to be made :-(

    Well done on the weight loss. A bit of mine has made a re-appearance. I blame the chocolate covered ice cream lollies that Mr Heart insists on buying (only 300 calories each!!!). LOL!! Best get running up and down those stairs a bit more.

    You certainly do lots of travelling. I wonder how many miles you cover in a year?!?

    Love Jules xx

  3. This is a very pretty card. Sorry for your sad news. xxx