Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day Trip to London

Had a lovely day in London today with my daughter, we went to the ideal home christmas show and then went shopping after.

My daughter was well chuffed as we managed to meet Peter Andre so she got a cuddle and I got a kiss!

Her are some pictures of the windows at Selfridges. We also both got new dresses for her graduation which is this coming Thursday so hopefully will have some more photos to show then.

Graduation day is going to be quite emotional as I know how proud her Dad would have been if he had been here to see her, its always these occasions which are are hard to do without him here to see her.


  1. Hi Carole

    Fantastic window dressings .. .. how do they come up with something so different every year!

    Then get you .. .. kissing Peter Andre. I think he is so lovely. Especially those gorgeous eyes! I always image he smells beautiful too LOL!!

    A proud day coming up this week with your daughters graduation. A day of mixed emotions.

    Enjoy today!

    Love Jules xx

    1. Hi Jules, you're so funny and right, yes he did smell lovely thats the first thing I noticed. xx