Monday, 14 July 2014

Diet Days 5,6,7,8

Well I have been away the last few days hence no updates. Here is where we stayed a lovely B&B near Johnby Hall nr Greystoke, Penrith. The hosts Henry and Anna and there two children Lucy and Nicholas were extremely hospitable hopefully will go back one day when we will have time to enjoy.

This is one of the two resident pigs Pork and Leek. We purchased some sausages and burgers which came from some of the late residents which were really tasty I might add.

 Well the reason we were up there was because hubby was rallying again he was doing well until he had an off into a ditch, but he did manage to recover and keep going.

A few dents later he managed to finish 10th out of 50 entrants so not bad.

So to the diet obviously I haven't been perfect with juices etc. But i was careful with my choices while eating out and I took my own snacks and lunches so overall good I am going to weigh tomorrow morning so hopefully I will see a loss.
Back tomorrow with first weeks results.

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  1. Hi Carole,
    wow! that B&B looks gorgeous!
    Love that pig too!
    Diets and trips away from home don't go together - there's always tomorrow!!